Blind Rapper Reaches Monumental Mark On Spotify

While developing a blind awareness tour to increase interaction amongst the sighted and blind communities.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, March 13, 2017 / — NovaCain, a rapper who completely lost his sight at the age of 18 from being over-medicated, has made history by becoming the first blind rapper to reach 1 million streams on the digital streaming platform Spotify.

“I Should Have Went To College” was officially released by ROCKing It Entertainment, LLC on January 3, 2017. After its release, the single began accumulating streams and garnering viral attention. It amassed over 200k streams in less than 3 weeks from its release. The song pays respect to NovaCain’s deceased mother, who told him that she wanted him to obtain a college degree. Though NovaCain did not fulfill his mom’s dying wish, he has found purpose by promoting blind awareness.

“I didn’t want to feel as if I disrespected my mother by not going to college,” says NovaCain. “I just never felt that I would truly benefit from attending college, because I knew my mind would always be on my music career. My intentions aren’t to encourage people to not attend college, but rather encourage people to chase their dreams. Too many times we are convinced that our dreams are unattainable and a waste of time. I want to show people that with drive, determination, and a little luck you can make all your dreams come true.”

Music is NovaCain’s passion, while blind awareness is his purpose. With the help of an advisory group, NovaCain has developed the Braille Music Tour. “I really wanted to find a way to motivate the blind community, increase blind awareness amongst the sighted community, and give back to visually impaired programs,” says NovaCain. “Unfortunately, there seems to be a negative stigma with blindness. I’ve interacted with many sighted people who thought I was less able because I was blind. They approached me as if blindness was some sort of contagious disease. I’ve come to realize that their perception was created due to lack of knowledge. With the Braille Music Tour, I look to educate the sighted community and empower the blind community.”
The Braille Music Tour will make stops in 10 cities that house a local school for the blind. NovaCain intends on visiting the local school for the blind during the day and providing the students with a personal concert. Later that day, he will perform with a celebrity co-headliner at a community wide concert. A portion of the proceeds from the concert will be donated to the local school for the blind. “I hope to get the whole community involved so that we can raise enough money to positively impact these various schools,” says NovaCain.

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